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I'm a Wildlife photographer in my spare time, I'm based in Newquay, Cornwall, having such stunning beautiful rigged coastline, but I fancied a change of scenery so I headed for a day in the moors.

One morning I left Cornwall at 2am to drive to the moors on Exmoor for a day’s wildlife & landscape photography. On the drive I had no real expectations of what would happen that day. Arriving on the moor, it was pitch black and foggy, so I pulled my camper van over in a flat area to park up. It was warm, so just sat there with my flask of coffee waiting for the sun to rise and show me the way.

From the dark foggy moor, the most exciting sound came on the wind… A red deer stag erupted the silence with the most awesome bellow, I have heard Roe deer barking but this sound was just magical. That's when i was hooked on wildlife photography.

The wildlife photos are all taken in the UK either Cornwall or Devon on digital cameras. It's amazing what wildlife is on our doorstep's, were so busy in our lifes that we can miss amazing majestic animals and wildlife in our gardens and local countryside. For example hares are supposed to be non existent in Cornwall, but they are there if you no what you are looking for.

Roe Deer
Roe Deer

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