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Sometimes the only camera you have to use is your mobile phone, Years ago I bought my first mobile phone, it was a brick that was attached to my belt. Technology has come along way since then, mobile phone photography is amazing, the quality of the images that people can share online free within a few clicks is outstanding. People now have a mobile phone with a camera with multiple lens that takes stunning photos. I bought the first Apple iphone when it was launched, so iphoneography for me was born.

The Apple iphone's have improved after every release. You never know when you are confronted with a scene that you just want to record a photo to share with friends. The new iphone 11 Pro multiple 3 x lens camera takes stunning pictures.

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Mobile Phone Photography Tips

  • Just remember the best camera you have is the one you have on you for taking images

  • New phone for Christmas, December is perfect, frosty and snowy weather perfect to get those wide angle shots

  • Using an iphone, just check out photographing people in portrait mode

  • Sharing images online is free, asking for feedback on your photo, ask for tips how to improve technique

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