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Getting creative with destination wedding photography is just a fantastic experience to have, being a destination wedding photographer.

I'm a fearless travel photographer at heart, fearless desire to experience different cultures while taking amazing photographs of new locations is just awesome. It must be my traveller Viking blood within me. To see and capture images of love to photograph, to capture images for the couple to see from the destination locations in the world is just amazing and the perfect award.

I've lived in many different locations in Europe, I used to love making time to travelling around, compelled with the need to be photographing along the way. Combining my love of wedding photography with travel photography, to me is the perfect combination for destination wedding photographers. To be able to shoot and capture images that couples will love and remember the experience for years to come.

Now mainly photographing destination and elopement wedding photography  in Europe including Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Germany and Iceland. I’m happy to travel further afield for destination wedding photography around the world. My local airport, Newquay in Cornwall, with direct flights to Alicante, Faro, Iceland, Copenhagen and Italy, or I can connect to anywhere worldwide from London Heathrow and Gatwick. I have full photographer insurance for my gear and me so let's think, waterfalls, mountain vistas, beaches, sunsets, the photographer in us all will be in heaven and perfect for the Fearless photograph or Rock my wedding Photography awards.

Fearless Destination Photographers

  • Choose a meaningful location to get the wedding experience
  • Book the right time of year, try not to get the rainy season or mosquitos!
  • Research the  locations for your destination, Scout areas as soon as you arrive
  • Give your guests as much notice as possible for the wedding
  • Keep costs down by embracing local flowers and cuisine at the destination
  • Make good use and Hire the best local wedding planner
  • Try and visit beforehand to meet contacts and check out the venues. Look online at photographs of previous other photographers weddings at the venue you decide on.
  • Check out online testimonials for all wedding suppliers
  • Do you need any visa's, does Brexit have an effect on your plans?
  • Research legal side of that country's laws for weddings, residency etc.
  • Remember time zones
  • Weddings available light to shoot and capture the best wedding images
  • Can your chosen photographer work in that country
  • Don't be fearless make your wedding day amazing
  • Make sure all guests know the wedding day itinerary

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Fearless Awards Photographer Destination wedding photography

Fearless Wedding Photographer

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