Why I moved from Nikon to Sony for Weddings

My photographer story began using medium and large format film cameras then when the digital age started I pretty much concentrated on Nikon. My last DSLR was a Nikon D850, its a great camera, but in certain situations I felt it not good enough.

I was always sceptical about mirrorless cameras, i did not like the electronic viewfinder, to me it was just weird. But a camera is just a tool we use to capture a moment, that candid photograph or that first look of the father of the bride. Did it matter if the camera had a mirror or not.

I moved to Sony, so I decided to buy a Sony A7iii mirrorless full frame camera and just one lens to use as a backup, but really to see if i could fall in love with not only a mirrorless camera but a camera that has turned the world of photography brands on its head!

I now have a pair of Sony third generation bodies and a collection of lenses to match all times of situations.


Why the Sony A7iii

  • High ISO and low light performance

  • 4K footage

  • Autofocus and Eye AF

  • Battery life

  • Silent shooting

  • The weight

  • Dynamic range

  • 5 axis stabilisation

  • Size is not everything ;-)

  • Live view

Sony  - Wedding Photography

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