My Approach to Documentary Wedding Photography

I tell stories of happiness and love through pictures of weddings in Cornwall & Devon.

Wedding Styles

There are many different styles of wedding photography:

  • Traditional
  • Classical
  • Photojournalistic
  • Documentary
  • Reportage
  • Candid
  • Artistic

My approach is a documentary style with a creative candid twist.

Traditional wedding photography - They treat every photo as a posed portrait, with a few spontaneous photos. They are looking for perfectly captured, if what somewhat forced but the result's they produce are excellent, but for me a little staged.

Classic wedding photography - These guys specialise in perfectly composed, with perfect lighting, they are looking for the perfect composition from afar, rather than getting in amongst the crowd.

Documentary Wedding Photography - Photojournalistic, Reportage, Candid are  pretty much the same thing to me, capturing an unscripted story of your wedding day, recording the wedding as it happens, spontaneous reactions, emotions that are happening everywhere. This is how I approach wedding photography for couples getting married.

I’m a reportage, candid or documentary wedding photographer.

Shooting a wedding this way, to me gives a modern feel, but with a more laid back style. The photographer has to blend in with the guests and the photography style needs to reflect this. Capturing close ups, genuine emotions firsthand, storytelling at its best, documenting the day how it really was.

The bride and groom are so focussed in the planning and making sure everything is perfect on the day, they are not able to see everything. The reaction, when I show a couple, their wedding photographs, brings all the emotional tears and laughter flooding back.

I love my job :-)

My Approach to Wedding Style
Documentary Wedding Photographer

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