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Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DL, UK

Architectural Photographer and Property Photography UK

A Personal Approach to Architectural Photography

As a UK architectural photographer based in Oxford, I specialise in capturing the unique essence of residential and commercial buildings, property and architecture. My work goes beyond photographing structures; it's about telling the story behind each design. I collaborate closely with architects and clients to ensure my images highlight the distinctive features of their projects, whether they are modern urban designs, traditional houses, or Airbnb holiday lets. My adaptability to different project types is a testament to my versatility and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

Mastering Interior and Exterior Property Photography

I focus on exterior and interior photography, utilising natural and artificial light to enhance the space's features. Working with interior designers, I ensure that every photograph reflects the intended ambience and style. My approach is meticulous, considering every element from furniture arrangement to material choice to create cohesive and appealing images.

Documenting Large-Scale Developments

I work with individual projects and document larger-scale developments for design firms and construction companies. This involves photographing the entire process, from initial design concepts to the finished building, capturing the progress and transformation at each stage.

Interior Open plan kitchen

Catering to Diverse Client Needs

My clientele is diverse, ranging from homeowners seeking to capture the essence of their new or renovated homes to large architectural firms aiming to enhance their portfolios. In every project, my goal as an architectural photographer is to to deliver visually stunning and informative images that effectively showcase the design's functionality and beauty. I am a firm believer in the transformative power of architectural photography, which can inspire both clients and architects to fully comprehend the intricacies of their work.

Exploring the Rich Architectural Heritage of the UK

Being based in the UK, I am fortunate to work in a region with a rich architectural heritage. The diversity of building styles, from historic landmarks to contemporary designs, presents a myriad of opportunities for creative expression. Each project, whether it's a centuries-old manor house or a cutting-edge office building, brings its own set of challenges and rewards that I eagerly embrace.

Enhancing Estate Agent Marketing

My services extend to creating marketing and promotional materials for estate agents and property developers. I understand that high-quality images are crucial in effectively showcasing properties to potential buyers. By accentuating key features and design elements, I assist clients in crafting compelling marketing materials that not only attract but also engage their target audience.

UK Commercial Photography

UK Specialising in Commercial Architectural Photography

UK commercial architectural photography requires unique skills and a deep understanding of various styles and commercial needs. Each commercial project involves thorough planning and collaboration to ensure the photographs meet specific marketing and presentation needs. My portfolio includes a range of commercial buildings, from sleek offices to innovative retail spaces, capturing their aesthetic appeal and functional design.

Aligning Photography with Business Objectives

As a UK architectural photographer, working on commercial projects involves aligning my photography with the business objectives behind the design. Helping businesses and architects present their work professionally, enhancing their image and attracting potential clients. High-quality commercial photography showcases the success and creativity of commercial architectural projects.

Consultation and Collaboration

I am always available to consult and collaborate with those interested in my services. Whether you have a specific project in mind or need advice on documenting your architectural work, I’m here to help as a uk architectural photographer. You can contact me through my website or by email to discuss your needs and explore how we can create stunning images that capture the essence of your architectural designs.

Celebrating the Built Environment

In summary, being an architectural photographer in the UK is a rewarding career. It allows me to combine my passion for photography with my appreciation for architectural design, creating images that document and celebrate the built environment. Through my work, I aim to provide architects, designers, and property owners with high-quality photos that showcase their projects in the best light, helping them tell their stories and achieve their vision. Whether residential or commercial, each project is an opportunity to explore the rich architectural landscape of the UK and create images that capture the beauty, functionality, and commercial potential of every project I photograph.

Client Testimonials

Project Surveyor


"Great photography, great guy. Good eye for detail, love black & white. Personable chap too"

Garden Designer


“Really collaborative journey, lots of creativity from Pete but also excellent listening skills and analysis. He made the process easy and has offered very good through life assistance a few months on.”


South West

“Captures images that aren’t nessarily what you would expect which gives another view that you may not normally see. “

Hospitality Sector


“Peter has done some fantastic photography for us for our B&B website in North Cornwall. Great guy to work with an eye for detail and very skilled photographer. We continue to work with Peter and would highly recommend any of his photography and website design services.”

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